Managing all activities related to Real Estate ranging from managing property, leases, maintenance, services for tenants as well as maintaining all financial transactions seems a daunting task. To monitor all activities performed at your properties physically & analyzing those is not always practical. Real Estate Management Software provides a comprehensive solution covering all aspects of managing your property.Whether you operate single property or have many properties; Our Real Estate Management Software has got you covered at a reasonable rate.

” Watch the little things; a small leak will sink a great ship.”


Benjamin Franklin 


Advantages Of Real Estate Management Software:

  • Real-Time Monitoring
  • Preventive Maintenance Scheduling
  • Save Time
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Monitor all operations from single system
  • Better Efficiency and improved productivity
  • Maximum On-time(99.99%)
  • Cost-Effective
  • Scalable (Can handle Multi-Property)
  • Data Security

Features Of Real Estate Management Software:

Visitor Management System:

To ensuring security it’s better to ensure tracking of all persons entering your property. Persons while entering have to provide details of themselves & visiting person which is fed in the system. They will be allowed to enter the premises after confirming their identity with tenants whom they are visiting at your site.

Contractor Sourcing:

Contractors are added as users who can see activities that are assigned to them. Contracts for various works including routine maintenance & other repairs can be granted to specific contractors through the system itself.

Automate Routine Maintenance:

All real estate projects conduct preventive routine maintenance to ensure the proper functioning of all amenities. These maintenance works can be outsourced to contractors of your choice through the system itself. The system will notify both admin & contractors about maintenance during the scheduled period. Contractors are added as users with restricted access to their specific functions.

Lease Management:

All details of leased properties are stored in the system. Tenants can request for renewal of lease through the system itself.

Tenant Billing System:

All tenants are provided authorization to pay for various services & utilities. Records of all payments made by tenants are stored in the system thus enabling administrators to identify pending bills & inform the specific tenant to clear those pending bills.

Attendance & Payroll Management:

Attendance of staff working on your real estate project can be maintained. We can also handle generate the payslip of employees & maintain records of employees’ payroll easily in the system. Biometric Integration with the system can also be used for monitoring the work hours of employees at your property.

Occupancy Monitoring:

Keeps record of all units under the specific property to identify the units that are occupied and ones that are vacant. We can use this data & advertise to get new tenants for vacant units.

Intuitive Dashboard:

All data generated in the system by different users can be viewed from the user dashboard itself by users according to authorizations available to them.

Feedback System:

Users can provide feedback to all services provided. This data can be used to rectify shortcomings & improve services provided to tenants.

Compliance Notifications:

Documents including land taxes and other regulatory documents details can be added to the system. It will then notify the administrative user to pay those before the due date and renew the permissions.


We provide both on-site as well as cloud hosting. Cloud provides better flexibility and greatly reduces the risk of losing data. You can choose a platform from any of the major cloud available including AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Digital Ocean, and so on.