“Without data you’re just another person with an opinion.”

Edwards Deming, Statistician

In today’s business environment that we operate in, data is generated at various places. Managing these data will play a crucial role in moulding the future shape of business. Collecting whole data scattered across places and analysing those by just using excel sheets is no more feasible. Have an interface where all data can be collected and streamlined to analyse data in real time is very important to understand the all aspects of business especially Financial well being of each processes and company in whole.

Facility Management provides all data by integrating people, place and process within the environment for improving the quality & productivity of business that we operate in. It also helps to improve coordination between departments in a organization. Insights in form of reports helps the organization to take right decision in managing business affairs of your company.

Features of Facility Management Software

Unified interface

All data that are generated during operations conducted by different persons at various locations are updated to a single system which can be easily monitored by persons according to authorisations given to user.

Automate Preventive Maintenance Operations

All property requires periodic inspection and maintenance which is carried out to ensure that there is no issue to any amenity provided in property. We can provide contracts for the contractors of our choice through system itself.

Repairs & Emergency Maintenance

Tenants can request for Repairs and maintenance for any issue that arise in their property through system. As well as details of all service providers will be continuously updated in the system.

Efficient Reporting

Data feeded in the system will be provided simple and intuitive way providing insights to help make decision based on data. Reports can be compared by applying various filters as per your need.

Lease Management

We can easily rent our properties using our Rental Feature of our Facility Management Software using which we can publish properties to be rented out on website as well as maintain all financial records of lease.

Transaction Management

All financial transactions involving property from rents to utilities bills like water, electricity and amenity charges such as gym, pool, security charges of all properties can be easily maintained and tracked using system. Thus we can easily monitor all pending bills to be received and inform respective people.

Occupancy Monitoring

System helps us to acheive optimum usage of our properties by maintaining record of occupancy details of properties that have to be rented out

Employee Engagement

Employees in the respective property can be monitored by using our system. We can maintain their attendance and payroll in the system itself. This helps to acheive better productivity at our properties.


Cloud hosting has benefits many such as better flexibility, security, Collaboration, maximum on-time, data loss prevention to name a few. We provide hosting on all major cloud platforms including AWS, Google Cloud,Microsoft Azure, Digital Ocean and many more.


  • Cost Saving in the long run
  • Improved Productivity and efficiency in all operations
  • Fully Integrated thus allowing better collaboration between all users.
  • Complete visibility into all operations at your facility.
  • Easily Customisable.

User Types in Our System:

Company Users:

Employees/ Users who manage the Facility Management Software at your facility. Administrative user account can access all parts of Application for which permissions are provided.

Partner Users: Partner users include all tenants, vendors and contractors. They can only access specific operations they are entitled to.

Why To Chose Gaba Apps:

a) Integrated Modules which can be easily scaled.

b)Intuitive Dashboard

c) Experienced Developers, Designers & Consultants.

d)Expertise in Cloud hosting.

d) Improved performance

e)Clean code

f)Cost-efficient Solution

If you are looking to implement Facility Management Solution at your organisation contact us on our website: Facility Management Software will help you increase the productivity by improving efficiency at the business. Our team of developers, designers & consultants will make sure that you have positive experience while implementing Facility Management Software providing all-round results for your organisations