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GABA HRMS is one of the best HR and payroll software in Qatar to systematise human resource activities in any organization. Our latest HR and payroll software will  automate your business in a way beyond imagination. Our HRMS is the most comprehensive and fully customised HR and payroll application in Qatar market which is suitable for any range of business.

HR and payroll app is essential for a company to increase its human resource quality and productivity. As your company begins to grow beyond the four walls of a single office room, you’ll find it increasingly difficult to manage the day to day records and affairs of the resources. You may find spreadsheets and charts useful at first but things get out of hand as going forward and that’s where our HR and Payroll system most use-full.

Streamlined & Improved

Every HR manager spends a good part of their daily working time on boring processes like checking employee engagements, managing operations, managing shifts , salaries and other HR and payroll related work. Our HRMS makes these HR and payroll related work to be done with never-heard ease and effectiveness.
GABA HRMS a highly customizable and smartest application to manage the workforce. Our HR and payroll helps you to happily bid farewell to the complicated and endless tasks behind you without any second thoughts. It is a scalable and centralized tool which lets you manage the most valuable assets of your company. This HR and payroll solution is designed to serve large, medium and small organizations with the best techniques and that's why it's called as the best HR and Payroll Software in Qatar. Our HR and Payroll Software is equipped with various modules that are designed to aid easy employee handling and productivity measurement. Each of the modules of this HR and Payroll Software is specifically designed to control each aspect of human resource and are highly customizable with respect to the specific needs of any companies.

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    Core HR Process

    HRMS solution in Qatar

    Leave Management System

    Our HR and Payroll Software provides leave management module that helps you integrate employees leave requests and approvals to a centralized platform to handle everything effectively with ease. In our HR and Payroll Software the leave handling module that helps you integrate all the labours leave applications and approvals to a centralized platform thus letting you manage and maintain staff leave, time-off and payroll details with ease.
    The labours can simply log in and submit time-off or leave request and the HR team can verify and approve it online in our HR and payroll application. This helps save a lot of paper works and communication time. Our HR and payroll software helps to shorten the communication channel and avoiding the cases of delayed or undelivered mail and messages.

    Employee Profile

    Our HR and payroll software provides a comprehensive employee profile that have all the basic and important information related to staffs like staffs personal details, joined date, family details, emergency contact, work progress report, etc.  Using this HR and payroll application creates an elevated sense of transparency between the company and the resources. The communication becomes more effective and decision making process by the company regarding anything related to the resource becomes easier with our HR and payroll software.

    Payroll software in Qatar
    hrms system in Qatar

    Payroll-Management System

    Managing the payroll is one of the most tedious, time consuming and convoluted tasks, especially in medium and large organizations. Having the right and centralized HRMS software will help the HR team to manage the team payroll with ease and accuracy. HR manager can save lot of time by using simplified automated HRMS application.

    Our HRMS provides dedicated provisions for the accurate calculation of legal deductions like employment tax, and maintain cumulative records of every past and present resources. Our extensive graphs on the payroll trend allows you to predict when you’ll need a new workforce and plan any salary hikes more effectively. Moreover, you’ll have safe backups of every data online so that you’ll find it very convenient to store and manage workforce records with GABA's HRMS.


    HR Module​

    • HR dashboard view
    • Advanced employee master​
    • Shift handling
    • Loan handling​
    • Professional design
    • Employee reminders​
    • Employee branch transfer​
    • Entry & exit checklist​
    • HR documents handling​
    • Custody/property handling​
    • Calendar handling
    • Reports available with Graph​
    • User friendly interface to add time sheet
    • Vacation handling​ module

    Payroll module

    • Employee pay slip ​
    • Salary structure salary Rules
    • End of services and gratuity
    • Leave enchasing
    • Interim payments
    • CSV or excel report uploads
    • Staff and department wise reports
    • Job title wise reports
    • Pay slip's date and status wise report

    WPS Module

    • Appraisals handling
    • Survey automation
    • Document module
    • Expiry tracking of documents
    • List items with details

    HR and Payroll Integrations

    Improve your HR and Payroll activities with world class integrations

    hr payroll


    Integrate your biometric device and access control devices with our HR and payroll system.

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    Publish jobs in
    Website / Mobile apps

    Users can create the vacancies belonging to job positions using the Recruitment module. The website or app visitors can see these vacancies and they can easily apply.

    hrms cloud solutions in Qatar

    integration + automation

    We have a flexible HRMS that helps to accelerate your integration journey with any other ERPs like SAP, Oracle etc ..

    HR & Payroll in Qatar

    HRMS in Qatar

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